Arcadia System (patent pending)

The stability and strength of the Arcadia system far surpasses any other cable or glass railings currently on the market. Featuring a clean, minimalistic styling, the Arcadia system is the safest and sturdiest for commercial and high-end residential buildings. Available in heights of 36 or 42 inches, and in either floor or side mounted options, the railings are forged in solid 1 ¾ x 5/8-inch bars while the end posts, more than double the thickness, help to sustain the pulling force of the cables. Modern, minimalistic, and requiring little effort to install, the Arcadia system is the best and most affordable choice for your home or business.

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Engineering Specs Floor Mounted Glass 36" Posts Placements

Press and Latch

Press and Latch Cable System doesn’t need any special tooling to install which saves up to 80% in installation time compared to other available systems on the market.

Available for three different mounting types:

  • Steel Straight Run
  • Steel Stairs
  • Wood


And available for two different cable sizes:

  • 1/8” (3.2mm)
  • 5/32”(4mm)


Material is Stainless Steel AISI 316

With the combination of our new posts in gauge 10 (3.6mm), the system is a natural progression of our line of cable products.

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Seattle Bar

This is the new revision of the Seattle Bar Fascia System with our new patent pending bar holders.

We made considerable design improvements to the bar holders.  The new bar holders are slimmer (less offset from the post), made of one piece (vs two detachable components in the previous one) and with rounded edges (safer and more coherent with the edge roundness of our square posts).

Our new systems are available in floor and side mounting in 36" and 42" heights kits that are ready to ship with the exception of some custom fabrication for stairs posts. Please keep in mind that we don't charge extra for custom fabrication.


 Download PDF Engineering Specifications

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Glass Adapter

The Glass Adapter System allows you to fasten glass panels to the side of your balcony, deck or any other space looking for a robust and elegant glass guardrail solution.

The Stainless Steel Glass Adapter connects a panel of glass to a wall with a simple, modern, floating look that still maintains a level, safe and sturdy connection.

A Glass Adaptor Tool is necessary for installing and tightening the Glass Adapter. In the following slides we are showing the Glass Adapter with different configuration options and some of them show our Redshift Quasar Handrail Bracket with the glass mounting option. Most of our handrail brackets are mountable on glass.


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Stainless Steel Spigot Glass Railing System

>> Example from our client's gallery <<

(U.S Design Patent No. D806,266) 

The Stainless Steel Spigot Glass Railing System is the sturdiest style offered in todays market. It's our proprietary patent pending design. What makes it more strudy are the pyramid shape and the numbers of screws used to fasten the removable part.

It is a prefect candidate to be used as a glass barrier around pools, rooftop patios, balconies, garden guardrails among other scenarios.

It's suitable for glass thickness of 1/2". It's made from Stainless Steel AISI 316 (marine grade) with Satin/Brush finish.


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 Glass Panel Dimensions

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Chicago Square

The Chicago Square Glass Railing System is made of square posts and square glass clamps.  Our square systems are all very popular for the industrial look they offer a space.  The square base covers, with square glass clamps and square tubes block out the space for an amazing effect.

Our customers have the option of purchasing posts with a bracket to support handrail or without, and we stock these in 36" and 42" heights, offering custom fabrication for any smaller size.  Our glass systems fit two sizes of glass: 3/8" and 1/2."  When using 1/2" glass, posts can be installed 5 feet apart.  Posts should be installed no more than 4 feet apart when using 3/8" glass.

Chris' Alberta home puts on a show using our Chicago Square railing system - featuring posts with and without a top rail.

Mark's rooftop deck in Washington similarly shows off the ability of the Chicago system to enhance a space.


 Engineering Specs



Virginia Round

The Virginia Round Glass Railing System is versatile and modern without looking severe.  It is comprised of round posts with round glass clamps.  Inline Design customers have the option to order a glass railing system with or without top rail.

If top rail is needed, it must be purchased separately, along with the corresponding number of base covers for your project.  Our stock posts are 36" and 42" high, and support glass thickness of 3/8" and 1/2" glass.  We offer stock middle and corner posts, at 180° and 90° respectively.  Glass thickness determines the maximum span between two posts: 5 feet for 1/2" glass thickness and 4 feet for 3/8" glass.

With all these variations, your options are great and limitations few! Alin's WA home is a great example of the Virginia Round glass railing system.  Some areas use a top rail and the landings are without.  Konstantin's unique home project used Virginia Round posts in this top mount, and the fascia option, using a wooden handrail throughout the space.


 Engineering Specs