The Arcadia system is the ultimate new available simplistic system in cable railing and glass railing with floor and side mounted options. It is available in 36" and 42" height. It features clean minimalistic lines while being the sturdiest on the market right now for commercial and high end residential. The system is made of solid bars of size 1 3/4" x 5/8", it's a fortress! The end posts of the cable railing systems are more than double the thickness of the middle ones to sustain the pulling force of the cables. The stability of this system is unmatchable with any cable railing system on the market. It's the Tesla of the cable systems. Optimized, affordable, clean, modern, minimalistic, fairly easy to install but needs a mid level welder. Enjoy the renderings and real pictures are coming soon!

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Engineering Specs Floor Mounted Glass 36" Posts Placements